We do so many things.

The Bird's Eye View

 Philippe Perrin (the French test pilot and former astronaut) once said, "It's only when you're flying above it that you realize how Incredible the Earth really is."  

And we believe him.We are constantly in awe at the opportunities that we get to participate in and are excited to share that experience with you! And just like birds, we can give you a fantastic view. We are also more friendly then birds- so that is a plus.

4K Video

What is 4K?

 4K is 4 times HD! That means your videos will show details to a whole new level - even from the sky! We are able to film 1080p @ up to 96 Frames per second. That means we can give you some intense slow-mo footage! 

Still Images

At Mt. Hood Media we have no limits. We are able to assist you with many different styles of photography. Senior Photos, Head Shots, Action Shots, Weddings, and Baby Photos are all something we can help you with! We use quality equipment that captures only beautiful things. 


 Mt. Hood Media prides ourselves in our ability to meet your needs. If you have a specific idea for a new project, video, picture, etc., we'll help you capture it! Our operators have the ability to replay the shots while they are happening to help you see what we are seeing. If there is something you would like to tweak, we can be back in position within seconds to get it just right.